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Is it better to invest in a new furnace, windows, insulation, or something else?  We use building science and high tech diagnostic equipment to inspect and test your home, perform a quantitative analysis, then deliver a report recommending the most cost effective way to permanent savings.  We recently showed a client in Atherton how to save $6174 every year and a young family in Santa Cruz county how to save $864 per year with four simple improvements. We also solve problems of health, safety and comfort. If we can't find a way for you to save more than our fees in less than a year, our services may be FREE -- call for details.  We can also build an energy model of your house in software that estimates the return on investment and payback period of several potential improvements. We track down causes of excessive electrical usage.  Click to learn about how we test. We'll show how you can be "paid to go green" through PG&E savings, rebates and federal tax credits. Click here to see a sample written report. (Requires Acrobat Reader.)

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The Obama stimulus package offers tax credits of 30% of qualified energy upgrades such as high performance new windows or a furnace, added insulation, or weatherization, up to $1500, but only through December 2010.
Generous California rebates may add to your savings. read more

Federal tax credits for photovoltaic, solar hot water and wind systems are currently 30% of installed cost. Combined with state incentives, you can save up to 45%.  There has never been a better time for solar and wind.  Our analysis will show how you can save further by reducing your demand for energy, reducing the size system you need. Conservation is usually more cost effective than generation capacity.
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  • "We had the good fortune of hiring Home Energy Savings Analysts for our home energy audit after interviewing 3 companies. 

    "The quality of information we received as a result of an exceptionally thorough audit of our house has made this investment extremely valuable for us. Rick Meyer proved remarkably competent in his investigation of our home energy situation and in his recommendations. The report he delivered gave us the top 5 key areas that would make the biggest difference to make our home safer, more comfortable and as energy efficient as it could be. 

    We think Rick Meyer and Home Energy Savings Analysts provide outstanding value for homeowners looking to save money while making their house energy efficient and environmentally responsible

       --Christian Forthomme, international sustainability consultant to multinational corporations.

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    Our analysts are trained, certified and monitored by California Home Energy Efficiency Rating Services, (CHEERS), a public benefit non profit established by the state and the public utilities. You can check our credentials at Learn more about us. We've also been awarded the Service Magic Seal of Approval.
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  • We sell only our inspection and analysis services, and receive no compensation from contractors, manufacturers or retailers, so we can offer completely unbiased advice. We don't "play favorites." We recommend the most cost effective upgrades first.